How old do you have to be to enter?

Club Z is an adult club. The minimum age for entrance is 18 years of age. You must provide a valid government issued photo ID with birthdate in order to enter Club Z, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Is there a fee involved?

Club Z is a private men's bathhouse. We offer anonymous entry and memberships at a nominal fee. Check our Rates & Hours Page for a complete list of our fees.

What are your hours?

We are open 24/7, 365 days per year. We never close.

Can I bring a friend?

Each member must have a membership AND must rent a room or locker. You can rent a room and your friend must rent a locker.

I rented a locker - can I leave my things in my friends room?

Sure, but if your friend is not available when you leave, THE CLUB CAN NOT LET YOU IN THE ROOM TO GET YOUR THINGS. It would be ideal if you use your locker for your things. WE CAN NOT LET OTHERS IN A ROOM THAT DOES NOT BELONG TO THEM.

What if I want to stay longer than my rental time?

You can pre-pay overtime. Prepaid overtime cannot exceed 4 more hours. If you have exceeded your rental time and have not pre-paid overtime, ask the desk for options.

I have over time and can't pay

If you leave owing money we'll put that on your account plus a $7 surcharge. You must pay this prior to entry into the club again.

Can I combine a discount with other specials?

No. You can only use a discount on a 8 or 12 hour rental and can not be combined with other discounts or specials.

How long can I stay?

There is a 72 hour limit, then you must check out for 12 hours or more.

My time is up but my receipt is wrong.

We strive to make sure every receipt reflects the time you purchased. You know what you purchased and are responsible to renew or check out on time. Check with the desk if you feel your receipt is in error.

I just want HIV / STD testing done. Do I have to pay to get in?

No. You can see the tester without paying entry to the club.

What type of transactions do you accept?

We always accept cash transactions but we also accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover AMEX, GPay, and ApplePay.
NOTE: All credit cards must be verified with the ID having the same name as the card being used. NO EXCEPTIONS.

I hear you accept reservations? (Part 1 of 2)

Yes, however there are some restrictions:
You must have a CURRENT membership
You must use a credit/charge card IN YOUR NAME
You must bring the charge card you used so we can verify with your ID
Your name must match the card being used (No exceptions)

I hear you accept reservationis? (Part 2 of 2)

Your time starts at the time you called
NO discounts can be used on phone orders
No locker rentals or QwikPlays on phone orders
We reserve the right to reject/decline questionable credit card use
Restrictions apply...

Can someone call to pay for my room/locker with their credit card?

No. We must verify ALL credit cards being used with ID of the person the cards name is in "IN PERSON".

Can I smoke inside?

No, absolutely not. This is the law in Washington. You can exit the club to smoke, then re-enter (see "Can I Leave And Come Back).

Can I Leave And Come Back? Is there a limit as to how long I can be gone?

Yes you have 2 in/outs for an 8 or 12 hour rental and 1 in/out with a QwikPlay.
You can be gone for as long as your rental is. If you haven't returned by the time your rental expires, the club will check you out unless you have things in your room or locker.

What if the club has to check me out because I haven't returned?

About 4 hours after your expiration time the club will check you out and gather your things and put them in a bag for you to retrieve. We will charge you 4 hours of overtime. This will need to be paid prior to entering the club again. There may be more hours/charges under certain circumstances.

I see you've added 8 hour rentals. Can I upgrade to 12 hours?

No. You can upgrade within your 8 OR 12 hour category. You can not upgrade from one category to the next. There are no conversions from 8 hr to 12 hr category.